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Buying Guide Essential Pressure Washer Information 2

Although your garden hose and a bit of detergent may be enough, a pressure washer can make a wide range of outdoor cleaning tasks a whole lot quicker. Instead of getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing manually with a brush, using this equipment allows you to finish the job in as little time as possible. Power washers are excellent cleaning machines you can use for cleaning your house siding or deck, concrete walkway, or your vehicles. It’s also a great tool for removing grease from all the grills, cleaning your patio furniture at home, and also for getting rid of oil stains from your garage floor.

How Does A Pressure Washer Work?

No matter the size, price, type or application, all pressure cleaners their function is the same. The main difference lies in its power source.

As water enters the unit at low pressure, the electric or gas motor will then pump it at a higher pressure through the attached hose and spray nozzle.

When your garden hose can’t do the job right, you need the effective cleaning power that a power washer can deliver.

Different Types Of Pressure Washers

In the past years, pressure washers have been in demand, and there are several models and brands available in the market today which makes it a bit difficult to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

If you’re shopping for one, go right here to find out the best pressure cleaners for your home cleaning requirements.

Basically, power washers come in two types:

  • Electric Power Washers. You need to hook an electric power washer to an outlet to work. It costs less and is usually portable and lightweight. You will be able to use it with a simple flip of the switch. This machine is cleaner and runs quieter compared to gas models. Electric-powered washers are less powerful and perfect for light cleaning jobs like cleaning grills, patio furniture, and vehicles. One of its downside though is that your cleaning area will be limited to the length of its cord.
  • Gas Power Washers. A gas power washer is more powerful, but its portability is bound to its hose length. It does, however, gives you the power and mobility that you need for cleaning patios, exterior siding, patios, decks, and for tackling other larger jobs. Although some units come with manual pull-starts, there are already models that feature an electric push-button starter.

When looking for a power washer, whether electric- or gas-powered, you need to familiarize yourself with the following ratings:

  • GPM. GPM refers to the gallons per minute of water a power machine can produce. A higher GPM means the unit is capable of faster cleaning.
  • PSI. PSI or pounds per square inch is the pressure a machine can provide. Generally, the higher the PSI, the higher the water pressure is, which means it’s best at tough cleaning jobs.
  • Cleaning Units. This rating is defined by multiplying PSI with GPM. A power washer with a high cleaning unit can provide you with greater cleaning performance.

The maximum PSI of electric models is between 1,500 to 2,000 while a gas-powered unit is from 2,000 to 5,000.

Essential Power Washer Accessories And Features

Some accessories can dramatically change the way you use your machine. They are essential so that you can use your unit can provide you with optimum performance. Here’s a list of power washer features and accessories to lookout:

  • Nozzle or Tips. Every unit comes with a variety of color-coded spray tips or nozzles. The colors distinguish the spray pattern width of each nozzle. You’ll have the ability to change the spray angle and the pressure coming out of your unit by having several assortments of spray tips. This will also make your machine more versatile in terms of the tasks it’ll be capable of tackling.
  • Soap Reservoir. Electric pressure washers usually have this which lets you spray a water and soap mixture. Having this feature means you will be able to pre-soap your car or deck before washing them.
  • Onboard Storage. This is a handy pressure washer feature where you can put away items like hoses, extension cords, and nozzles. It’s a good idea to store these accessories in one place to prevent losing or misplacing them.
  • Cleaning Tools. All pressure washers come with a wand, but if you want to clean higher areas without using a ladder, consider getting a telescopic wand. You may also consider adding a surface cleaner to your power washer cleaning tools. This disk-like accessory is attached to the wand’s end replacing the nozzle. It allows for distributing water over wider areas at adequate pressure for lighter cleaning jobs.
  • Transport Wheels. You’ll be moving your unit around from one place to another, so it’s a good idea to choose a pressure washer that has transport wheels. Look for a unit that has off-road, big tires which can go through any types of terrain.

Pressure Washer Reviews

Here’s our pick of the three best pressure washers available today:

Karcher K3.540

The Karcher K3 is specially designed to clean within your home. It’s very affordable and can go where gas units can’t go. It’s great at light cleaning tasks including cleaning your driveway, car, and furniture. It’s a handy mid-level electric pressure washer that features a VPS Wand and DirtBlaster Spray like the more expensive K5.540, and even has a storage tank for detergents with similar functions. Learn more about it at this Karcher K3 Review video demo.

AR Blue Clean AR383SS.

The AR383SS from AR Blue Clean comes with a higher price tag than most power washers, but it’s a powerful machine that comes with many attachments. It’s ideal for cleaning bicycles, vehicles, windows, and patios. You’ll never see yourself scrubbing your outdoor area again with this one. It may not work well on concrete dirt buildup, but it’s easy to use and cleans better than expected.

Generac OneWash 7019

The OneWash 7019 is one of the best gas pressure washers out there. It has a PowerDial gun which allows you to switch between four various application settings such as soap, wood, car, and concrete. This provides you with more control so that you will be able to use the suitable pressure on every task at hand. It’s great at handling cleaning jobs from light to heavy duty. For more visit: