Notorious Workshop COP4x4 Presents The KRAKEN Truck!

The Kraken Truck is built by Camp Crocker, the owner of COP4X4, a notorious workshop, know for this type of designs. This road beast has a 5.7 Hemi motor that produces 350 horsepower, and 545 RFE auto transmission. This creature has also  19.5/ 54/ 20 Mickey Thompson tires and 20 x 12 Fuel brand wheels and due to its 14″ higher frame its been forbidden to drive in California. Arizona disagrees.

The front brackets are custom TNT and the long-arm kit was subjected to various modifications. An assistive arm and a Tereflex heavy duty front steering are also part of this jeep. The door hinges and handles are pure aluminum. The COP4X4 sliders and skins are authentic, together with Smitty-build rear and front bumpers, the Bulldog which and the synthetic rope.

Though it may look difficult to even enter it, this jeep handles the road with the same performance as all well-lifted jeeps. As you can see it for yourselves, the trim was painted to match the body, covered with billet round washers.

So, if you are into these types of road companions make sure to contact the COP4x4 team.

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