This Ferrari Truck Carries All The Best Units To The 60th Anni!

If there ever was a moment in which you were rally tempted to start thinking about making a truck heist, full of valuable goodies, then the video that you are about to see will bring back some memories. Ok now, a joke is a joke, but seriously, who would not want to have this dream Ferrari truck, fully loaded with five incredible Ferrari models: Ferrari 599 XX Evo, the one and only Ferrari Enzo, and the awesome models of Ferrari GTO, F50 and F40, all going to a show for the 60th anniversary of Ferrari USA.

I know that there would be some haters out there who will say all kinds of things about it, but let`s be serious. We are talking about Ferrari and there is not one sane person out there who would actually say `no` to any of these very special models of the famous and luxurious supercar brand. So I think that the only logical question left is which one of these wild beasts do you prefer? As far as I`m concerned, my first choice would be that great looking 599 XX Evo that is being pulled by a cart. Watch the video and tell what do you think?

Anyway, this is how the anniversary went!

Enjoy the video below!

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