Learn Why Buying Cheap Tires Should Not Be An Option!

Tires are basically the most important component of your car and generally buying cheap tires is a bad idea. This guy wants to switch old his old cheap tires from his Honda S2000 so he bought some new ones and he shows us how it`s done, while comparing the performance levels between the old and new tires. As soon as he puts the new tires on the car and tries it out, the results are immediately obvious – the car accelerates and decelerates better, it breaks better, feels better and all around drives better than previously. Really incredibly how a simple set of tires can make all this happen!

When you`re in an emergency situation, with the Bridgestone tires it is going to take you a second less to stop than with the Fuzion tires, which means that you get a full extra second to react and stop over 36 feet earlier. This can easily make the difference between life and death a lot of the time and it really shows why buying cheap tires can destroy your car and its handling. Also, because of the .29G difference between the two sets of tires, the new ones give you much better acceleration than the old ones, which are in the range of a Cadillac Escalade. Some great reasons not to cheap out and go for quality!

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