Sensational Nissan GTR Acceleration! It Took This Beast 12 Seconds To Reach 160 MPH! WOW!

We know we have shared a lot of videos featuring the iconic Japanese car, but we really can`t help it! When a car is this ridiculously good, it deserves all the praise it can get! We are talking about the Nissan GTR R35 of course! Time and time again, this car shows the world why it is one of the best cars in the world! We have shared a lot of videos of the mighty GTR R35 in action, and we do not plan to stop any time soon!

This time, we have a 1000hp Nissan GTR R35 on the highway, showing some incredible acceleration! To put it simply, the Nissan GTR R35 acceleration is definitely worth a watch! The video starts with the driver of the Nissan asking his partner if he is ready. After getting his confirmation, the show is ready to start!

The Nissan GTR R35 is driving at around 19 miles per hour, before finally going berserk! There is a speed counter in the top right corner of the video, and the number displayed keeps getting higher and higher! After around 12 seconds, the top speed the 1000hp Nissan GTR R35 was 163mph! Even better, this video was taken on the highway! You can clearly see other cars driving on the road! Nonetheless, this didn`t stop these guys from blasting the Nissan GTR R35 all the way to 163 mph.

The top speed could have been even higher, but the driver decided it was enough. Going that fast on the highway might be impressive, but it is still quite dangerous. We are just lucky we stumbled upon this gem showing us once again why the Nissan GTR R35 is so highly revered in the automobile world! So, what are you waiting for? Witness the Nissan GTR R35 acceleration just by pressing the play button! Cheers.

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