Escape In Comfort: The BRUDER X TRAILER – A Touch Of Luxury To The Rocky, Muddy Backcountry!

Every time we see a heavy-duty American camping trailer made for off-road there is a new trailer from Australia that tears though the competition. The Australian company Bruder X introduced their Bruder EXP-6 trailer which is maybe the most extreme example we have seen so far. It`s a dual-axle battering ram that on the outside it looks all man-vs-nature business but it has elegant comfort inside. It offers you the opportunity to live like a king even in the most treacherous parts of the world. The EXP-6`s huge, polygonal 1.2-inches-thick composite body is 22 feet long and it has an airtight galvanized chassis. The chassis is built to withstand eleven times its weight.

A set of rubber absorption mounts are placed between the chassis and body which serve to isolate the shell from vibrations. EXP-6`s chassis features recovery points and Warn winch which is contoured and tapered to prevent snagging from happening. Bruder X stated that the EPX-6 is able to perform through both extreme cold and hot conditions. Like everything with this trailer, the suspension is also pretty innovative. The suspension is a multi-link air system which provides 12 inches of travel. By using a special smart phone application, you can adjust the trailer`s riding height while driving. Through the application, the driver can also set high-clearance off-road driving and aerodynamic road navigation.

Once again, let`s give props to the best RV out there!