NHRA Champion Cruz Pedregon And Off-Road Truck Champion Bryce Menzies Swap Seats! Amazing Trophy Truck VS Nitro Drag Car!

For all of you who are unfamiliar, Snap-on has a brand new web series called Snap-on Seat Swap! We love the concept very much! It`s a concept where two different motorsports collide! We are always more than curious to see how a particular driver will manage to do in a different motorsport category! Thanks to Snap-on Seat Swap, this was all made possible! In this brand new episode of Seat Swap, two time NHRA champion Cruz Pedregon and 6 time off-road champion Bryce Menzies – swap seats! These guys doesn`t just swap seats and test drive, but they also drag race! 900HP Trophy Truck going against a 10.000 horsepower Nitro Car!

At first, the fellas are giving each other various tips on how to properly drive their respected vehicles. Cruz Pedregon is telling Bryce Menzies how to do a proper burnout with the nitro drag car in order to prepare the tires and instructing him on how to have a solid launch as well.

When Bryce Menzies did the test run with the nitro drag car he had a pretty solid run! Up next in this swap seats endeavor, Bryce Menzies is instructing Pedregon on driving an off road trophy truck! He is giving Pedregon various tips on how to drift around the corners and how to do the jumps. Cruz Pedregon of course, manages to do a pretty solid run as well. These guys are natural racers! We want more swap seats episodes! Without further ado, let`s get on to the race!

Right before the drag race, Bryce Menzies was doing a burnout with the trophy truck! That is definitely a sight you don`t see every day! Because Cruz Pedregon is in a 10.000HP nitro drag car, he gave Bryce Menzies a 6 seconds head start! That Frankenstein 10.000HP drag race car doing a burnout right before the race, will send shivers down your spine! The trophy truck has a 6 seconds head start and after that the fire breathing dragon is unleashed! The 10.000HP drag race car manages to pass the truck right away and win the drag race!

We want more swap seats! We just can`t wait what Snap-on has in store for us next!

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