I firmly believe that I don`t need to emphasize or stress it in some special kind of way, the fact that watching a spectacular wheelie performance is one of those things that always gives us a huge adrenaline rush and makes every event, whether it is a drag battle, some stunt performance, or whatever, even more thrilling and exciting. That is why every time when we come across an attractive video clip that features a twin turbo Camaro wheelie, we are keen to show it to you right away!

We have already said, but I will repeat it again anyways, that when it comes to doing a wheelie during a drag race, the downside aspect of this attractive stunt that gives the audience a strong and big wave of thrill and excitement, is that it adds extra seconds to the final time. But many drivers manage to disregard this aspect, thanks to the overall fast race that they have.

But in the case of Steven Fereday, who also took his share fame and marked his place in the wheelie stardom with his great 4th generation of the Twin Turbo Camaro, powered by a PLR 481X, this was not the case. Unfortunately, he lost this drag battle! But I would not dare to say that the reason for that was his insanely attractive wheelie, that happened somewhere in the middle of the race.

But, needless to say, that wheelie was so awesome and thrilling, it definitely puts him in the middle of our interest about the race. Which is also the reason why we are writing this article and showing you the following video, of course.

Just check it out and you will see what I`m talking about! And if you want to see another crazy wheelie stunt, go to this link.