Brill Steel 720HP V8 Carbon Nissan S14.5! Dat Sound, Dat Wing, Dat Burnout, Dat Video! Anyone?

Even though it is short, the following video would be a real adrenalin rush and pure pleasure for every Nissan fan, especially because we have one S14 specimen that you do not see everyday – neither on a video clip, nor in real life. It is a terrifying beast of race street car, highly modified and tuned, with a real monster under the hood that can generate astonishing 720HP (and pretty much the same number of torque power as well), preparing it self for the things to come and giving its fans a little glimpse of its great power and strength, by doing a little rubber burnouts. Remember to turn the volume up on your sound devices! The sound of the Nissan S14.5 definitely deserves to be consumed in the best way possible!

If you are still wondering why its owner is calling it the Nissan S14.5, it`s because it is a sort of hybrid between the two well known models of Nissan, the S14 and the S15. Pretty neat huh? So, it is not modified only under the hood, but its body has been through some changes as well. It actually has euro spec S14 chassis, transformed into a S15 carbon body with very broad wheel arches! What grasped our attention the most was the staggering spoiler! The central part of the spoiler is from a Super Trofeo Lamborghini! The two sides were added additionally!

Originally, the S14.5 had an LS3 engine that produced 480HP! After a couple of years of work, the car now produces 717HP! That 717 HP actually becomes 950HP with the boost of N20! And as you are about to see it for yourself, it looks really ominous and dangerous – a fearless monster. As long as we are concerned, this Nissan S14.5 is a real piece of art! An example of how a dreamy drift car should look like! Now watch it doing a little rubber burnouts and produce some awesome sound.

Finally, take a look at this Nissan GTR entering the 8 second club at real high speed!

Enjoy the video below!

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