Boba Motoring’s 1223HP & 64PSI VW Golf 2 Is The Definition Of The Ultimate Sleeper!

There are many gearheads who are ready to do unimaginable things just to add a couple of extra horses in their engines. However, drag racing aficionados Boba Motoring are in a totally different league with their monstrous VW Golf 2. What we are talking about here is a definition of the ultimate sleeper. Now, Boba Motoring is pretty famous for doing wonders with their Golf. Previously, they amazed the gearhead world with their AWD Golf 2 powered by a 1.8L turbo engine that delivered 900HP. However, now they are back with a new Golf monster that`s even more powerful than their latest creation.

Heck, their new VW Golf 2 is so powerful it might even eat a Veyron for breakfast. Yeah folks, it`s that powerful. Their new monster is powered by an engine that has reached a completely new benchmark of craziness. Their 2.0L 16V turbocharged engine delivers 1233HP and 807 lb-ft of torque! This engine`s performance is as awe-striking as you would expect. It needs only 2.54 seconds to reach 62mph and 3.16 seconds from 62mph to 124mph. In this video, you can see this ultimate sleeper running a quarter mile pass with a time of 8.69 seconds at almost 175mph! Boba Motoring is definitely not fooling around and we expect this Golf that weighs 2,061lbs to eventually reach a maximum speed of around 217mph!

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