Duramax vs Corvette! Blacked Out TT Duramax Humiliates Corvette C7 On The Highway! AWESOME Truck!

One thing always gets on everyone`s nerves – overpassing! That`s exactly what happened here that provoked this Duramax vs Corvette race!

The sound this Duramax with its twin turbo engine produces is astonishing. When the TT Duramax is off the factory it is renowned for many things. Awesome tow and grand payload capacity. Off the factory, the TT Duramax has also a powerful and reliable engine with 765lb ft of torque. It produces enough ravaging force to make its way to any job site that you can imagine. But with that said, the TT Duramax has never been renowned for speed.

But, we will tell you what it really takes to bring a TT Duramax to a race battle. We all know about the phenomenon called tuning. And most often tuning is used on smaller cars and trucks. But as time goes by a lot of enthusiasts are tuning massive cars like this truck for example. Imagine on top of the already powerful engine this Duramax has to install a twin turbo kit! We suspect this will bring the TT Duramax to the world of more than 750+ rear wheel HP! You could feel that power at the Duramax vs Corvette race on the highway!

Impossible is nothing! Despite all the odds being against it, watch how this TT Duramax succeeds in embarrassing the brand new red Corvette. It feels like the highway is an arena and everyone wants to show the strengths. In a typical David vs. Goliath battle the Duramax takes on the Corvette and surprisingly thrives at it. Showing mighty performances, the Duramax wipes the flour with its opponent. The TT probably got mad by the Vette`s overtake and decided to do exactly what it did! Make sure to watch until the very end to see how the underdog defeats the favorite in a rather spectacular fashion!

Check Out This Amazing Video Where A Blacked Out TT Duramax Humiliates Corvette C7 On The Highway! This is One AWESOME Truck! This was truly a great Duramax vs Corvette race! Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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Enjoy the video below!

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