SMOKEY & MASSIVE Burnout by a 650HP TT Duramax Pickup Truck!

When you have a highly modified pickup monster at your `disposal`, every once in a while, trashing out a perfectly new and good set of tires seems to be coming perfectly natural. And this TT Duramax pickup truck with a real beast under the hood that generates astonishing 650 HP is simply bagging to show off its power and just like in this case, do a little rubber burnouts.

As you are about to see in the video bellow, this guy really means business. In less than half a minute, he creates real clouds of white smoke and totally burns out those set of rear tires. But if you ask me, it is all worth it.

Just listen to the sound of that 650HP engine screaming as that this black devil is marking its territory on the asphalt. You remember that old Tommy Lee Jones movie “The Park is Mine”?

Well, I think that we have another one local sheriff who is making things clear who is the boss here and all you can do is just sit back and be careful so that its shadow does not fall upon you. Really impressive!

However, see what happened to this Duramax pickup truck here!

Enjoy the video below!

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