BJ BALDWIN’s 800HP Trophy Truck Destroys the Donut Garage!

Check out this crazy footage from the amazing performance from BJ BALDWIN‘s 800HP Trophy Truck! A lot of crazy stunts, jumps, donuts and massive smokey burnouts from some meaty tires. Hope you will all enjoy!

BJ BALDWINs 800HP Trophy Truck 2

On this episode of “Daily Transmission”, the pro racer BJ Baldwin is trying to prove the desert racing rules on all the types of motorsport and makes the craziest lot carnage we have ever seen to date. It is really amazing that BJ Baldwin is in this video of the Donut Garage because he is literally my idol!

This is actually the 100th video of the HOONIGAN production and it’s totally awesome. The best part is maybe when the truck is going over the bumps, it is so satisfying to watch how it handles them. Happy hundred you beast!

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