Desert Monster Tears Up The Sandy Roads! BJ Baldwin Behind Wheel!

When you`re in a bad mood and you just want to blow off some steam and go for a drive, do you get in your Corolla and drive around the block? No! You get in your Ferret, which is the thing in the video, and you go driving off into the desert! This desert monster can handle anything that the barren landscape can throw at it. It has awesome suspension, a grappling hook cannon and two spare tires as its main characteristics. However, this vehicle was probably made for the military and that makes its availability very low.

The guy driving this desert monster, BJ Baldwin is someone we all know and love, and we know he`s not cutting the Ferret any slack – he`s driving it as hard as he can! He smashes into all kinds of obstacles such as piles of tree trunks, huge mounds and leaps and even rivers! When he finds himself at the bottom of a ditch, he fires off a grappling hook and makes the climb, no problem! If you somehow got this angry that you need a desert monster like this to ransack your way through the desert, you need to watch this video right now!

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