I think that most of you will agree with me if I say that as long as one is using his head straight and keeps a sober mind, having fun in the snow with your awesome and very powerful ride, could be one hell of a positive experience that you are going to wish to do it over and over again. And the following example with one jaw-dropping specimen of the Nissan GTR with a black paint job, accompanied by another black BMW, is a `school example` of going crazy in the snow safely and having ultimate fun! Really, this GTR snow launch is something…

And because all of us who are living in the Northern hemisphere, know well that the time when the snow is starting to fall from the sky and create truly magical landscapes, has arrived, some (probably many) sports and muscle cars enthusiasts will park their rides in the garage and won`t take it out for quite some time.

So we hope that the following video clip in which, as above mentioned, you will see these guys with the Nissan GTR and the BMW, blasting their great rides in the snow, launching it, doing donuts, and all of that additionally spiced up by the GTR snow launch with a great flame shooting show, will motivate many of you to do something similar and enjoy the beauty of the snow!

Have a look at the video and see what I`m talking about! But if you prefer watching some of those specialized snow monsters, blasting away in the snow, go to this link.