Perfect Birthday Gift For Dad: Mini R56 With ARMYTRIX Exhaust & KW Coilovers! See His Reaction!

When you get in your car and turn it on, you generally hear for any unusual sounds, right? Well, this dad heard a brand new ARMYTRIX exhaust which he didn`t know was there! The entire family pitched in and got him this awesome exhaust and some KW coilovers for his little Mini R56 and boy does it sound different than a regular Mini Cooper! This is literally one of the best ways to surprise someone with a birthday present – just improve their car! When he understands what his family did, this man is overjoyed and can`t wait to take it out for a spin!

The son, Frank, mounts a camera in the front so that he can see what his mom and dad are talking, but meanwhile his dad is backing his Mini R56 up so that he can take a good long start-up and hear the new exhaust. He blazes past the family house, his exhaust roaring in full open mode and he doesn`t even want to hear about shutting it off or putting it on auto! Frank gets a shot of this and it really looks awesome to see a Mini Cooper roaring that loud and going that fast. Well played, Frank, well played!

Wondering how to give a car as a gift, but keep it a secret? Here lies the answer.