BIG John Deere 6920s Tractor! This Thing Is The MOTHER Of TORQUE!

No one has to be a hardcore farmer or a big time tractor fan to like watching videos with big tractors in action doing all kinds of crazy things, which sometimes we do not even fully understand, but yet we all find it to be so funny and appealing for watching.

We are sure that many of you remember quite well some of the totally insane action that we have had in some previous articles, with tractors acting like a submarine, or having a pulling battle, and if your memory is in a good condition, then you probably remember very well the guy with the Volvo BM Terrier Tractorwho which was doing some things, for which most of us thought that were completely out of the question with such a huge machine.

But today we have also prepared you one funny video, in which the main role is for a guy with a big John Deere 6920s tractor, making a deep and long trench in the field, and from what we can see, he does not seem to have an intention to stop anytime in the near future. The main point is really `a mystery`.

However, thanks to your comments in the comment section below we got the idea why this John Deere 6920s tractor is actually doing this! When looking at this video clip from a gearhead, not farmer`s point of view, we could freely say that this particular machine is the mother of torque – as specified in the topic! As a matter of fact, you don`t have to be a gearhead in order to notice what we just said, but you get the point. Anyways, in order to be able to dig such trench in such a short notice with surgical precision is not a small thing to do.