TUG OF WAR: Dodge RAM Cummins vs Ford 8600 Tractor! Who Wins?

Check Out This Awesome TUG OF WAR Between The Dodge RAM Cummins and the Ford 8600 Tractor! It`s time for war! A tug of war, that`s what it is. Between tractors. Who`s going to win? The Ford 8600 Tractor goes head to head against the Dodge RAM Cummins in this Cummins vs Ford saga! Maybe the Dodge truck has a rolling start, but the opponent gives his best to stay in the battle. It seems like the Tractor is struggling, which may be due to the battle surface. In the end, it is the truck who seems to win this tug of war easily. There should, however, be a rematch where the Tractor plays on home turf. The war is by far not over! Anyway, I think that Dodge truck had a rolling start and maybe the tractor’s tires have terrible traction on this kind of surface (pavement). Maybe they should try on the wet grass 🙂

Are You Surprised Who Wins? On the other hand, let’s see how the Dodge vs Chevy comparison goes!

Enjoy the video below!

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