NEW SCAM: These Flood Cars Are Sold Without Flood Label!

As we all know, Florida has been hit by a major hurricane, the Harvey, and it had damaged and destroyed everything that stood in its; very often we see videos of flood cars on the streets soaked and floating in the water.

Flood Cars Sold Without Label hurricane Harvey Irma 2

But where do these cars end? Eventually, these destroyed vehicles are collected by the authorities and they put the flood label on them. However, do not be fooled the next time you buy a car because it just might be one of those flood cars but without the flood label on it. But how is this possible? Car dealers pick up these cars and make them look like brand new once again. It takes just couple of hours to finish it. There is a demonstration by the Carfax Company.

They clean every inch of the car. They take out the seats and thoroughly wash the engine. You can get yourself a car for half of the price, but there is a major issue with them. These cars rot from the inside out.

Though at first glance you cannot notice it, it will eventually rot. If you want to make sure that your latest purchase has not been affected by a flood, you can go to Carfax and get a free flood damage check. Be aware about these flood cars and thoroughly check everything before you purchase one. Do not let the price fool you.

Check out the video for more and see how the cleaning process looks like!

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