BETTER THAN WINNING The LOTTERY! Lamborghini Miura Found In A Garage After 23 YEARS! Mileage: 17,400! Beautiful Classic Sports Car!

Finding a rare classic car from time to time is what most car enthusiasts live for! If you do not agree, Wayne here definitely will! As he takes a stop in the Midwest, he soon finds a perfectly saved Lamborghini Miura in an old garage! We are not really sure why this car stayed hidden there for so many years, more precisely – since 1992. The hidden treasure was found in a garage, where it has been for 23 years! This rare and classic sports car is in incredible condition, and should be shown to the world! At the very least, the owner should be lucky he preserved it so well.

But we know one thing, that car should not be collecting dust in an old decrepit garage. That car was made to be driven all the time and all the way! Many would say that they are mad at the guy that kept this ride in the garage for so long, and we understand. The Miura itself is in good condition actually, seats are still with strong colors, the doors open and close perfectly and that goes for the engine as well. Entering the Lambo was like entering a time machine. What`s even more fascinating is the fact that the car has been sitting like this for a long time, it has 28 000 kilometers on the odometer and is still in great shape! We are absolutely certain that this car has still got a lot to offer! It might be an old model, and it has not been driven in 23 years, but after putting the tires back on, it should be ready to go! Some people are really lucky! It is definitely not every day you find a classic sports car in your garage!

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