Lynn Park Famous As Mister COBRA Opens His Garage!

Warning! Beware of the Cobra! Exactly that is written on the hanged sign on the door of the Lynn Park garage, where luckily you would not find the same named animal, but the same named legendary car.

So, this garage or better said Cobras` lovers heaven, keeps everything you can imagine of, that is related to the famous AC Cobra that was for the first time introduced in the distant 1962. The 2 door roadster is Lynn`s only love and there is no doubt that his nickname is Mr. Cobra, as he owns several of them. This full time passion started 52 years ago, when Lynn Park has not even had a driver`s license, but luckily his mom was driving a Cobra that was literally Lynn`s first and last toy.

Later on, he used to buy one Cobra at the time, but then another good one would show up, so he was eager to change it. Several times like that and he ended up with a garage full of items that are strictly related to the vehicle`s brand, starting from books, pictures through movies finishing to several Cobra beauties that are still shining and ready to be driven on the streets.

What can we say more, except that Lynn is just one happy man, who always had the luck to drive a really good muscle car.

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