The BEST Saving Gas TIPS Followed By Gas Saving MYTHS – Time To Open Your Eyes!

Saving Gas Tips Gas Saving Myths 2

We are under constant pressure by the media giving us tips on how to save gas due to the whole economic crisis and pollution. However, listen to these saving gas tips made in a 100% natural surrounding and on the field instead of some government lab! The result guys, is amazing. Turns out you can save up to 37% just by changing your driving habits. It`s that simple. Here are the saving gas tips, followed by gas saving myths:

1. Drop the maniac driver attitude – drive moderate!
-- Just do not mash up the gas when starting. Don`t hit those brakes too hard! From 0-60 in 10 seconds? Yeah that`s cool. But how about some gas efficiency? Do it like a normal person and accelerate in 15 seconds, it`ll do the trick.

2. Just respect the speed limit!
-- This goes especially if you are going for a long trip. You can save up to 14% if you just do lower speeds. And that is not so bad after all!
3. Got Cruise Control? How about you use it every once in a while?!
-- Another way to save up to 14% of gas is by using this innovation. So, if you got it – please use it.
4. Leave the A/C On, it does so little harm!
-- Yeah, we know you have been listening to this your whole life, especially on family vacations. Dad saying turn it off, it consumes gas, mum saying keep it on! Well, dad was wrong! Today`s cars do not even feel the slight difference regarding gas consumption if the A/C is on. Windows down however, also does the same effect – so our tip is to just do what`s best for you.
5. Tire pressure is important!
-- Reducing the tire wear will directly impact gas consumption. However, this one will not give you the big savings but it is still good to know it!
6. No excessive idling from now on – we mean it!
-- We did not even expect that excessive idling would make so much difference. However, avoiding it can save you up to 19% of gas. Not bad, huh?

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