Great Phone Save! Motorbike Rider Saves A Cellphone!

We have seen many phone save videos before but this is something completely different. The usual videos where cellphones are saved in a very amazing way are of bikers doing wheelies, their cellphones somehow escapes their pocket and the biker miraculously manages to catch it. However, this doesn`t depict that kind of athleticism and it`s simpler than that. Nevertheless, it`s still an amazing video and something original that we haven`t seen so far. After fooling around, trying out different bikes, doing wheelies and whatnot, these two bikers decided to hit the road.

Best Phone Save Ever 2

While having fun on the road they eventually had to stop at a red light. This is where the unusual thing happens. While waiting for the light to go green, they hear a cellphone ringing. At first, the two bikers are completely confused, just as we were. After figuring out for a while from where the cellphone ringing sound comes, they eventually manage to find the source. They found a cellphone sitting at the edge of a truck bed of the truck in front of them also waiting for the light to go green.

They immediately recover the phone just sitting on the edge of the truck bed and are laughing in tears. Then, one of the bikers goes and gives back the cellphone to its rightful owners. The owner thanks them and they are all on their way after laughing some more. This cellphone owner was very fortunate to stumble upon these two good lads who heard and retrieved the cellphone. The video is 5 minutes long, so if you want to jump straight to the phone save, just skip to the 4:20 time mark in the video.

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