The ULTIMATE Prank Will Make You Laugh So Hard!

ULTIMATE Prank horn Brake 1 NPB

Are you having a bad day and it seems like nothing could cheer you up? Well, I guarantee, all you have to do to cheer up a bit is watch the following prank video which is absolutely hilarious. We all love pranking someone else, so this is exactly what the guy decided to do. Namely, he got inside his friend`s car and took complete advantage of it. He wired together the brake pedal with his horn so that every time he hits the brake, the horn will honk. Could this be the ultimate prank you would never think of?

The next thing you see is this Dodge Ram rolling on the streets and causing complete chaos. The drivers around seem to get anxious and are left in wonder of what is happening. And all of this is filmed by, guess who? His friend! He simply cannot stop laughing as he managed to pull an ultimate prank. Shortly after, the angry driver decides to take his car at what seems like a mechanics to see what`s wrong.

Though the video is pretty short and we do not know how the whole situation ended, it will surely make you laugh out loud.

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