Funny BIKE PRANK Teaches Thieves A ‘’HOT’ Lesson By Blazing Bike Saddles!

Even though we are a website mostly about muscle cars, this doesn`t mean that we don`t respect other means of transportation. Today, we are sharing a video of a funny bike prank that will surely make you giggle! These guys decided to use propane on a bike seat in order to heat it up to 1000 degrees! Afterwards, they left the bike out in the open and waited for a thief! At the very least, they were thoughtful enough to get a fire extinguisher for just in case. You are probably thinking “who would sit on a bike with two propane tanks underneath the seat“? Apparently, many thieves would.

Anyway, the bait bike was left in a park so that pretty much anyone can steal it. It didn`t take long for the first victim to appear. He took the bike, started riding it and as soon as he sat on the saddle, he started cursing! The pranksters immediately ran out and used the fire extinguishers on the thief. He started saying that a “friend“ of his told him that the bike was his and that was the reason why he took it in the first place. Don`t forget to watch the funny bike prank video below and see how the other thieves handled the heat!

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