Awesome Dirt Bike Jump Over A Californian Highway Has Bike Rider Kyle Katsandris In Legal Trouble!

These illegal stunts are definitely nothing new when it comes to the world of adrenaline junkies. We can see these kind of stunts from BMX`s, skateboarders and many different action sport athletes. However, when performing such stunts, most of these athletes are aware enough to not put other people in danger as well. Having said that, most of them confine the dangers exclusively to themselves, their equipment and perhaps some public property. However, Kyle Katsandris doesn`t have any regard towards putting other people life`s in jeopardy whatsoever. That`s something we can`t condone. Nevertheless, we can`t deny that this is one awesome dirt bike jump.

This dirt bike rider has obviously maximum control and balance of his bike. Kyle Katsandris performs this awesome dirt bike jump effortlessly. By building a narrow ramp, he managed to jump over 100 feet. Nevertheless, there are many variables involved. Having said that, he is jumping over a highway in Moreno Valley, California. Many innocent motorists are driving down the crowded highway. He could`ve easily landed on a vehicle in motion below. Because of this, the extreme rider is now being closely watched by local authorities. It seems like charges are not escaping him. Oh well, at least he will learn a valuable lesson here.

For more videos of Kyle Katsandris, check out his Instagram profile.