Austin Williams Loses Control, Sprint Car Crashes & Jumps Over The Fence! He’s OK!

You have to see this with your very own eyes to believe it. In over 20 years worth of history in these races, not one crash has ever resulted with the car ending up outside the fence – they always either slammed in it or didn`t make it just for a little bit. That`s not what happened here though, as Austin Williams lost control of his little ride. In the video, the sprint car crashes and starts rolling towards the fence. However in the last moment, it gets a little hop in its roll and it ends up jumping over the fence and crashing on the other side of Perris Auto Speedway!

Fortunately, Mr. Austin Williams is completely fine, as he was seen walking away from the crash right after it happened. It`s incredible how this sprint car crashes and only then does it jump over, meaning this was, of course, in no way planned from before. Luckily these cars have a lot of protection and there is only ever a small chance of the driver getting hurt, which is why he was able to walk off the crash without a single injury. You can see the bend in the frame of the car as it begins to crash and if all that protection wasn`t there, the result would surely be different!

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