Absolutely Incredible! These Two Gymnasts Are Jumping Over Cars Like It’s The Easiest Thing In The World!

People are awesome. Whether they are gifted intellectually or physically, certain individuals possess remarkable talent! With the invention of the Internet, it is nowadays much easier to find these talents online! Anyway, the video we are sharing with you guys today shows two gymnasts that perform a mind-blowing trick! For most of us, jumping over cars is definitely mission impossible. For gymnasts however, this is not that big of a deal! So, what these guys actually do? They jump over not one, not two, but THREE parked cars! Even though they use the aid of a trampoline to jump over the cars, this is still a remarkable trick!

Both gymnasts start their performance by accelerating and jumping off a trampoline. The trampoline gives them boost that enables them to jump over 3 cars! However, they don`t stop here! They continue by doing a cartwheel followed by a 180 degree backflip, commonly known as the Arabian. This is a move where you rotate your body 180 degrees in the air, and you land facing the opposite direction from your initial jump. After landing, both gymnasts do a back handspring which is followed in the end by a full backflip! Apparently, jumping over cars wasn`t enough for these two incredible gymnasts, so they had to add a few tricks as well!

At last, follow this link to learn 4 easy ways to do this kind of tricks!