Self Cleaning Motorbike Helmet! No More Poor Visibility!

Here comes another creative innovation and this time it is for all the bike riders out there! Bikers are simply doomed to have poor visibility when riding on bad weather conditions! No matter if it is snow or wind, you have trouble getting your view clear! And not only is it dangerous not having you path cleared, but it is also annoying as hell! Which is why we would like to show you this interesting innovation by an unknown inventor! It is a simple motorbike helmet but with a wiper attached to the top which wipes all the rain drops from the helmet glass!

Now, we are definitely not newbies and we know how ridiculous some of you might feel with this one on them! There is also the good old “turn your head a little bit to the side and drops will disappear”, but why not give it a try? Someone put good effort in this thing and the video did go viral so it was probably worth it!

If you are a bike rider, we would suggest to you to give this self cleaning motorbike helmet a try. You don`t like it – throw it away! You like it – have clear vision all the time regardless the weather conditions!

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