As Car Lovers we tend to do all sorts of stuff to make our ride look better than all the rest! Every view of our car is a view that wants to see what else we can put there. What can make this car look even better? Maybe new rims? How about leather seats or some stripes on the hood?! Nah, already done that! OK then, how about some new ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER WINDSCREEN WIPERS?! If you told this to a friend, he would probably think that you are running out of ideas and just making stuff up so you could do something with your car. And, that would probably be true if the wipers were just some regular ones!

But what if they were actually super-extra-cool wipers designed with the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger, so it looks like he`s showing off his biceps, but what it really does is cleaning your windshield! Now that would be one unique car, you would literally beg for rain so you could use your cool Arnold wipers! Apparently, Schwarzenegger enlarged his sphere of interests, so Arnold Schwarzenegger WINDSCREEN WIPERS can now be added to the list of actor, bodybuilder, activist, politician, businessman etc. Check it out, and BE BACK!

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