GTR vs Ducati! GTR R35 Smokes One Great Ducati 848!

It is not very often that we get to see a great sports car drag racing a bike and looks at it in its rear mirror, right? We don’t really know when have we’ve seen a GTR vs Ducati race. Usually, some of those cool bikes are the ones who are finishing the race as winners, but in this case, it is the one and only Nissan GTR R35 that we are talking about, so it cannot be a surprise that it smokes out the pride of the Italian bike engineering, the awesome Ducati 848.

But this is not just `an ordinary` GTR R35 (is there one?), but a model with an HKS GT800 Full Turbine Kit, an upgrade that guarantees that your GTR will deliver an ultimate performance. It is a kit with symmetrical Twin Turbo Layout, working in a combination with other HKS products for increased performance, and it can give an output to 800+HP, just like in this example.

On the other hand, the Ducati 848 is no joke either. It is not like the small 1098, but a lot more than that. It can reach a maximum speed of 166 mph, it has a superb handling, and one of its stronger sides is its extremely fast performance in a straight line. Its gorgeous looks it is a completely different story that we will leave for another occasion.

Now check out the GTR vs Ducati video and see how this great Nissan GTR is giving a drag race lesson to Ducati. And if you want to find out more about its HKS GT800 Full Turbine Kit, go to this link.