Amazingly Creative & FUNNY FORD COMMERCIAL From The 90’s! Your Thoughts On This?

Brand wars, usually reflected through commercial wars are nothing unusual in today`s world! Just think of all the `wars` you have seen between Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Colgate and Signal, Adidas and Puma… All creative and funny and have one purpose: To attract the buyer while making fun of the competition! And that is exactly the purpose of this funny Ford commercial!

Well, although we thing of brand wars as something that is new, here`s a commercial from 1991, where Ford made sure to put Chevy where they belong! According to Ford, of course! And Ford`s trolling skills in this funny Ford commercial is x1000!! We can`t believe this funny Ford commercial is for real!

The commercial starts a classic American truck lover who has a brief chat with the audience, where he discusses all the stunts Ford`s opponents have in their commercials! According to him, that`s a result of ages of frustrations they get from FORD! In 1991, the year when the commercial was filmed, Ford had built the best-selling truck in America – Ford F-150 as well as the best-selling compact truck – Ford Ranger!

That is the fact that is highlighted in Ford`s commercial, that ends in the most powerful way possible: The fellow in the video says that if you want stunts, go see a movie! Then he continues – “But if it`s America`s #1 truck you want, then do yourselves a favor, see your local Ford dealer!” The second part is even better! It is the explicit version and the guy doing this commercial is funny as hell! Check it out for yourself! This funny Ford commercial will change your perception on marketing forever! The marketing brawl between Ford and GM is a true classic!

Finally, follow this link to watch the funniest ’90s commercials that are way better than the ones we have today!