Is This The Most Patriotic Truck Owner? Massive American Burnout!

Check out this CRAZY American Burnout With Brand New American Flag Tires! Maybe, these guys need the team America theme song behind this awesome video! Is there anyone who would dislike this?

If you are doing BURNOUTS on the 4th of July, do it right! In this video we have the most patriotic guy we have ever met! All in red and white stripes, including his RIMS and TIRES! Not only does this guy have the best outfit and tires, he also did one of the best BURNOUTS we have seen lately! The whole area was covered in SMOKE which did not stop even after the show was over! The crowd was definitely satisfied and so were we! Take a look at this guy, we are sure that you will like him! Go `MURICA!!!

The Grandpa of All Mean Looking American Muscle Hollywood Stars! Check it out on this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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