Must Have This Amazing Toolbox! Built In An Entire Side Of A Truck Bed! Ingenious Idea!

When you try to choose the right toolbox, you always have tons of alternatives to choose from. In this one, we are going to elaborate the toolboxes that are specially built to fit into your beloved truck. How cool is that? With an amazing toolbox like this, you can tow your tools with you everywhere you go. Now, one would normally just get a common box and mount it behind the rear window. There are also certain types of trucks which has already toolboxes built in. When it comes to this type of toolboxes, we think we have found the best yet.

This amazing toolbox is definitely very original and does not look common at all. It`s a compartment that`s consisted of an entire truck bed side. It opens up as a hidden door to unveil the neatly stacked tools. This doesn`t look only cool, but it`s also very wise. It looks like something that the SWAT team or a fire department vehicle would use. It also hides your tools from thieves. The only downside could be that if someone hits your vehicle, it could damage your tools, but hey, that`s why we have insurance, right? Click the video below and see the awesome demonstration.

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