One Of A Kind VW Bug 5th WHEEL TRAILER IS FOUND & Is Going To Be Fully RESTORED!

Whenever we do a treasure hunt to find out the rarest car models on the Planet, we are prepared for any type of results, but today we just got lucky as we discovered one of the most unique vehicles ever built. Ladies and gentlemen, have the honor to see the most remarkable VW vehicle called VW Bug 5th Wheel Trailer, which is the only one still alive.

So far, nobody has seen this beauty in person, but things got brighter as the team of Oklahoma Bugs found this evergreen camper and it plans to make a full restoration on it. There is no better news for all VW enthusiasts from all over the World than the one that this wonderful masterpiece is finally salvaged.

We cannot wait for the day when we will be able to see the final look of this legendary vehicle once it gets refurbished. Till then we can just watch over and over the 1974 footage of this VW Bug Fifth Wheel Trailer, when it was the star on the streets. Who knows, maybe one day some of us will try to recreate this cool 5th Wheel. Would you?!

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