All Original DAYTONA! 1969 Dodge Charger! RARE Beauty!

Yes, we love watching muscle cars and we never get tired of doing it, especially from the period of the so called Golden Era, and I know though we have said that before many times, but the fact is that every now and then, we come across something special, something which none of us get a chance to see very often, neither on video nor in real life. Today we have prepared you one such example, a gorgeous and very rare, original Daytona, 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, the car that is a wet dream for every muscle car enthusiast from any part of the world!

This absolutely awesome and very rare Dodge Charger is only one out of 503 Daytonas that were ever built, and as you are about to see it for yourself, the car is in flawless condition. Under the hood it has its original 440 V8 4 BBL motor that is able to produce 375 HP and 480 pound feet of torque! It is one of the famous models with big rear wing, which were the cause for many rule changes in Nascar competition, after they have broken almost every speed record at that time.

As I said, it is preserved in its original condition, with the correct T5 Copper paint job on it, rolling down on a set of Magnum 500 chrome rims, with the well known white letter tires. This is probably one of the most appreciated and most wanted Mopar examples amongst the car collectors.

So here is the video of it, watch it and enjoy the original Daytona.