Mike Newman – The Blind Man Who Set a New Speed Record!

The 52 years old Englishman from Manchester, England, has set a new land speed world record for blind people, by hitting an average of 200.9 miles per hour during two runs – truly amazing. And (of course) the car in which he accomplished this incredible result was not a regular supercar, but a highly tuned up version of Nissan GTR that can generate amazing 1 000 HP, a work done by Litchfield. The event, where Mike Newman has done it happened on airfield, at the Elvington, at North Yorkshire, where not so long ago, a Top Gear star, Richard Hammond, almost finished his life. But fortunately, Mike did not have such a problem and during the whole time (meaning, the runs), he was radio assisted by another Litchfield tuned Nissan GT-R, driven by his stepfather, because of the bumpy runaway and in order to keep a straight line.

Mike Newman also held the previous record for blind people, set last September at speed of 183 miles per hour, also at an old military airfield.

Right after this amazing accomplishment, Mike Newman gave a statement for the BBC in which he said that he has been trying to realize this dream for about 11 years and now he is feeling absolutely ecstatic. He is not only a world record holder for land speed, but also holds the water speed record with 93 miles per hour. What a guy, let`s have a look at his video:

Anyway, how about this speed record!

Enjoy the video below!

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