Nissan GTR vs Bolid AGH Racing Vehicle! Who Wins This Saga?

Now this is something you do not see everyday. The well known, unofficial master of the drag strip is having hard times dealing with a small AGH racing vehicle, a mini – variant of Formula 1. It all happens in a bright and shiny day on a small part of Subaru drag circle, in Kielce, Poland.

As you are about to see in the video bellow, this small AGH formula is having a thunder start and gets ahead of the Nissan GTR, but after a few yards, things are `settling` as expected and Nissan is taking over the lead.

Anyone who knows this type of vehicles also knows well that due to the fact that its total weight is smaller than the GT-R`s engine, it is only understandable that it gets a head start, but it is unconceivable to think that it can actually take on a car like Nissan GT-R. But no one can deny that these type of drag races are a lot of fun, both for driving and for watching. So, now it is your turn to have a fun by watching the video. Go for it!

Enjoy the video below!

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