Alfa Romeo Returns In Formula 1 – Confirmed!

There have been some absolutely stunning and unforgettable teams in the Formula 1. Each and every one of those teams has left a mark in one of the fastest racing sports in the world. As most of you already know, Alfa Romeo F1 team has not been around on the tracks for a long time. However, all of that is about to change in the next year when the brand new partnership between Sauber F1 and Alfa Romeo has just been recently made. The racing team is going to be renamed to Alfa Romeo F1 from the start of the year 2018.

Alfa Romeo Returns In Formula 1 - Confirmed 2

We must say that this is something that most of us have been looking forwards to it for a long, long time and it is finally happening, since 1985 to be precise. As it was announced, this partnership is going to be a very important step towards making the Alfa Romeo brand one of the best in the world of Formula 1 yet once again.

Moreover, the team is also going to have some of the youngest drivers in the racing sport, with the names such as Charles Leclerc and Antonio Giovinazzi appearing on the list. Charles is currently a Formula 2 champion and both of them are Ferrari juniors, so to speak. We are not sure how much this duo is going to achieve their first year, but we simply cannot wait to see the way that they are going to develop over the upcoming years.

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