You have probably wondered many times how to make that `flutter` sound that sounds so great? That`s not hard at all, actually! Here is a brief tutorial on how that sounds emerges! It all happens when the throttle is shut, just enough to catch air between closed throttle and the free-spinning turbo! Of course, this is for those that have no vent or blow-off valve! Anyway, the consequent back pressure is the one that forces the air back using the turbine blades! Turbo FLUTTER SOUNDS is a nice term, but in order to be more technical, we like to use the term – CAVITATION.

The sound is fun and all but, to be honest it does hurt your Turbo! Of course, if your pockets are deep and you don`t mind spending a little sum every now and then for repairs, you could probably afford this sweet luxury! However, one must always know the difference between FLUTTER and COMPRESSOR surge.

While one is a complete disruption of the flow using the compressor, the other is a momentary power drop! We have prepared for you the best ever compilation of these sounds and we hope you like the Turbo FLUTTER SOUNDS!

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