There is one thing we all like and want on our ride and would take it any time any place – a TURBOCHARGER! Yup, we love the acceleration, we love the sound and we are ready to install it, just say the words! But, does anyone know how’s a turbo engine working? We guess not. We try to learn it; we ask those so called gear experts but their explanation are usually too complicated. That is why we have decided to ease things for you by presenting you this animated video that contains the information you need!

We know that turbochargers are used nowadays by many diesel engines, no matter if they are car engines, small airplanes or boats. The most standard one is the Four Stroke Diesel Engine where air is forced into the cylinder by atmospheric pressure. Check out the turbo engine working video and see how the engine works in different occasions, how much air it pushes when on a road and how much when it is on the highway! Learn everything you need to know by simply watching this animated video that will give you knowledge and fun at the same time!

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