If you have noticed, the British coachbuilder A. Kahn is slowly but surely making his brand only for fully bespoke cars! One of those cars that is penned directly by the company`s CEO Afzal Kahn is the Land Rover based FLYING HUNTSMAN! The guests of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show have the honor of seeing the first member of the Flying Huntsman family – 105 Land Rover Longnose!

The Land Rover Longnose keeps a real monster under the hood for a luxury car! We are talking 6.2L V8 motor and an all-wheel-drive system with 6 speed automatic transmission!!! However, if you are not a V8 kind of person, they have the solution as they announced their 3.0L gasoline motor as well as 3.2L and 4.6L diesel ones! This car is unique because it`s made for all those who want to drive luxury instead of being driven in one! Take a look at the walk-around footage!