A Guide to the Top 5 Most Luxurious Cars in the World

Cars are a costly purchase for driver`s both old and new. After all, many people complain about their expense far and wide, especially as the makes and models improve with quality. Creating cars takes a great deal of craftsmanship and expertise, to the point where they become pioneers in technological feats when the big names get involved.
Of course, it`s not too difficult to come across used cars ni motors that are both functional and affordable, but when you step into luxury land, the search for that perfect car becomes more refined. Expectations are heightened, and the bar is inevitably raised. Consequently, here is a quick guide to the top 5 most luxurious cars in the world right now.

A Guide to the Top 5 Most Luxurious Cars in the World 2

5) Audi A8

Audi has a stellar reputation for bringing out some of the best cars around. The Audi A8 maintains this winning streak, boasting a beautifully made body that signposts its luxury status straight off the bat. However, we shouldn`t be shallow, as what`s inside matters too. Upon opening the elegant doors you`ll discover intricate touch screen technology with an LED driver information display for easy use, as well as a choice of two highly powered engines. Put simply, any worthy owner will bond with this car in no time.

4) Porsche Panamera

Porsche is one of the pioneers of the sports car world, and with the Porsche Panamera, they have followed Audi`s lead on the design front. Once more there is a sound boasting of quirky tech that lends the experience a unique touch, and the interior console is sprawling with numerous nobs, bells and whistles that users are entirely spoilt for choice. It is essentially a mobile tech hub, which has numerous advantages for Wi-Fi and multimedia capabilities. Comfy and cosy, this car goes out of its way to give you everything you`d want.

3) Range Rover Sport

The car that is equal parts of substance and style, the Range Rover Sport gets the job done with finesse. This vehicle is more than just a pretty body and paint job. You can trek over mountainous terrains in luxury, ascending any steep hill in your path with elegant ease thanks to the multi-link and aluminium double wishbone suspension. Lean and athletically built for a 4×4, a car has never been so practical and so luxurious in unison.

2) Rolls-Royce Ghost

Not many people can make cars like the Germans. A 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 engine will zoom you off to your destination with no fuss at all and do so without throwing you around in an ugly fashion. Inside there is only the feeling of welcome, as you are put at ease in your sedate sanctuary with supreme comfort. In the end, luxury means relaxation and style, and this car is on your side at the turn of the keys, reassuring you with an easy drive.

1) Mercedes S-Class

There are few brands that raise brows and heart rates like the Mercedes. Slick, smooth and stylish, the S-Class boasts a content experience that the lucky driver can sit back and immerse themselves within. The sixth-generation car fittingly comes equipped with a six-cylinder diesel-engine that hits 62mph in five seconds with hardly a sound to compensate. The epitome of expert craftsmanship, the Mercedes S-Class boasts a breeze of a drive for those behind the wheel.