2018 Mercedes S-Class In-Dept Review by Mat Watson!

In this one, Mat Watson reviews the brand new Mercedes S-Class which is definitely top 5 when it comes to luxurious cars on the market. The new Mercedes S-Class 2018 is absolutely packed with high-tech features. These features would not be out of place even in one of NASA`s mission control. However, what Mat Watson aims to find out is how does the new S-Class compare to its rivals – Audi 8 and BMW? After taking a very detailed inspection and drive a bit, he gives his own verdict on the supremely luxurious and comfortable executive car. The car comes with new model designations and new engines as well.

Mat Watson Reviews The New Mercedes S Class 2018 2

The S450 boasts a new V6 and the S560 a new V8. The S450`s V6 is 362HP twin-turbocharged 3.0L. The S560 on the other hand comes with a 4.0l V8 producing 463HP and 516 pound-feet of torque. Nevertheless, both S iterations are fitted with a nine-speed transmission which is automatic. With the new model, the 2018 S-Class managed to defend its place as the most high-tech proficient Benz. When it comes to the technology of this car, prepare to be blown away. It features autonomous tech which uses map data in order to help in speed control.

It also features a wellness system which puts the occupants in the car in a nice and desired mindset. Up next comes all the technology fitted in the exhaust. This technology enables you to open some flaps placed in the exhaust in order to have more roaring sound. The car also features a launch control which at 3500RPM you can have one hell of a start. Mat Watson reviews the new S-Class in the video below and gives all the details we want to know.

Finally, check out Mat Watson`s great comeback and please tell us what do you think!