Listen to This 950 HP 1971 SS Chevelle With 565 BIG BLOCK CHEVY!

There are numerous awesome American classic muscle cars we have come across over the years, but only a handful of them were good enough to become our all time favorite. If you are a car guy that loves both how the car looks and how it sounds, you must check out this amazing American classic muscle car that sounds absolutely furious. Of course we are talking about the 1971 SS Chevelle. There is something special about these cars that make them so exceptional.

1971 SS Chevelle With 565 BIG BLOCK CHEVY 1

But, even though the 1971 SS Chevelle is not such a rare car, this one in particular is one of the best ones, if not the best, we have come across in years. It has been restored to ultimate perfection, but the sound of the engine is what makes it so extraordinary. The car has the mighty 565 big block Chevy engine. We hear to the sound it makes when it starts up for the first time. It will certainly make your blood boil and you will definitely feel the power that the 1971 SS Chevelle has.

Later on, after this gorgeous show off, the car leaves the Hardee`s Cruise on Saturday night. Moreover, this badass is capable of making as much as 950 HP. We would all love to see more from this gorgeous ride, maybe a street race against some modern super car. What do you think, having seen various 1971 SS Chevelles over the years, is this the best one so far?

And last but not least, if you are in for more big block Chevy sounds, follow this link!