Plymouth vs Mustang! AMERICAN Classic Cars Compared HEAD TO HEAD!

When it comes to American classic cars and designs, the Ford Mustang Mach 1 is always somewhere at the top of everyone`s lists. It has always been a car that would make any American proud. So if you ever tried to make a comparison between the Mach 1 and the Plymouth Duster, let alone say that the Duster is better, everyone would think you are out of your mind. That is exactly what you are about to see in the following video, as two people point out all the good and bad aspects of the two American classic cars.

The guy claims that no one had been able so far to see the true beauty of the Duster. Though it borrowed some of its design from different cars, the taillights are truly beautiful; the guy even says that they are better than the Mach 1. Another aspect that is pointed out is the back design of the Duster. Several lines meet at the end and form this diamond shape of the car making it look way cooler. This is a 1970 model so it does not have a ridge down the middle of the trunk. Check the video for more and decide which classic car is better!

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