62 MPH Crosswind Landing Recorded! Would You Fly in an Airplane Again?

When it comes to scary and dangerous compilation of videos, this one will give you chills, especially if you are afraid of travelling by plane. Namely, this guy decided to film planes taking off and Crosswind Landing on the runway. But this does not seem scary at all, right? Well, these planes are doing that with strong gusts of wind, some of which go to as much as 62 mph or 54 knots.

62 MPH Crosswind Recorded Fly in an airplane 4

This video was filmed on January 23rd 2017 and it was a great opportunity to see how pilots handle these situations. If you should fly in an airplane any time soon, just be aware of the weather conditions.

Planes such as the Eurowings EW1330, Monarch ZB402, Flybe BE401 and Thomas Cook MT992 are seen shaking their tales and wings, some even seen like they are about to lose control. Luckily, all of them manage to do just fine. In one video, the Thomas Cook MT1402 was very close to hitting its tail on the runway while taking off. The smaller planes seem to have more troubles hence they do not weigh as much as the huge passenger planes. What do you think, will you ever fly in an airplane in such a weather?

Finally, watch the most dangerous crosswind landings at Europe’s scariest airport.