Fastest Tractor Towing A Trailer OVERTAKES A 62 MPH Moving Car On The Highway! POSSIBLE?! Of Course, YES!

The highway is usually a place where drivers can put a little gas on the paddle, relax and just drive forward until you hit the city streets again! There are many things that follow up while you drive on the highway. For example, you have the long light users from the opposite direction who always get on your nerves! What do they think? That it doesn`t bother us? Never mind! Then again you have the guys that never use the blinkers, no matter if he intends on going straight or taking the next exit, he does not feel it is necessary to use a blinker! And then, you have the takeovers! This is all of us and there is nothing wrong with it. However, in this story we have something magical to show you. It includes the fastest tractor that you`ve ever seen on a public road.

However, there are funny moments when a really older and slower car passes a really high classed and fast car! The video here, shows a highway in Germany, where a guy rides his car with 62 miles per hour, as he gets passed by a TRACTOR! Yes a tractor, and if you thought that`s funny, let us just tell you that it was also TOWING A TRAILER behind it! The autobahn in Germany is known for having no speed limit. It is the heaven on earth for every supercar owner. But come on, for speeding tractors also? Damn. We know all of this sounds very crazy, but that is the story in this video. One second the guy who films this is minding his own business, driving along the autobahn. And the next minute…a tractor with a trailer nevertheless is zooming past him!

We suspect that the incredible speed this fastest tractor is having is due to its lowered suspensions.

Check it out, it`s all there!

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