450HP 1968 Chevrolet Camaro “Grecian Formula”! Must See!

We are more than pleased that somebody chose Grecian green as the perfect color of the stunning 1968 Chevrolet Camaro beast. The car was produced in Van Nuys, city of California, the Camaro HH-code in front of you was smoothly optioned, with the SS  and RS packs, , fold-down rear seat, L78 375 horses and  console gauges. It was at 2012 Memphis Super Chevy show that we first saw this beauty of Camaro and it was rewarded the Editor`s Choice award.


During our voyages, we have a chance to see quite a lot of F-bodies, but this one was real special. And shortly past the 2013 Memphis super Chevy show was finished, we took some pics of the baby.

Scooter Anderson purchased himself a brand new Camaro L78 in August 1967 when he was just nineteen years of age. Scooter was familiar with the L78 and his buddy had a 1966 Chevelle, so he was mesmerized by the machine. To him the machine an example of street performance.

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He was racing quite often and to add up the odds, Scooter`s 396 1968 Chevrolet Camaro drove quite quicker than the rest of the L78 ones in the close surroundings. Some peeps had an opininon that the engine was a 427 or 425 , featured originally in the factory, but the truth was different. The engine was a 396, though they had to do a check first.  When Scooter cashed the last rate of the payment, he transformed the F-body onto a super stocker NHRA., With time it was transformed into a `68 that boosted 275 horsepower and shortly after Scooter released it due its major success.  He collected quite many of restored Bow Tie muscle cars  and dedicated himself to  racecars. Sometime after he made a decision to buy himself a L78 F-body.

Randy`s Racing Engines from Thomasville, Georgia pulled and refurbished the numbers-matching 396. The block got boost over 0.030 , the stock components were used anew, as they gained its best effect by being subjected to a suitable massage. According to Scooter the machine now at 5,800 rpm boosts around 450 horses and at 4,200 475 lb/ft of torque. A four-speed M21 was also added, that powers up a Posi equipped twelve bolt rear with 3.73 gears.

Scooter the owner of Battery sales and service is a true Chevy guy. You can see the sparkle in his eyes when he speaks of them. This 1968 Chevrolet Camaro is stored comfortably in a garage along with its Z/28 1969 buddy, a 427/425-horse 1966 Sting ray, a 1962 327/340-horse Corvette and a remarkable 1966 Nova L79.