400HP Subaru WRX Transmission Explosion!

Accidents are prior to happening while we are out there on the road, hereby we must stay focused and take care of our car as well. This is especially true if you are driving with someone, hence you are responsible for their safety as well. But sometimes no matter how much or how well we try to avoid these accidents, they can happen. Namely, these boys decided to go with their Subaru WRX and have a little fun on the road. The 2004 Subaru WRX had a mighty 2.5L engine that was able to produce whooping 400 HP, a methanol injection with 20 PSI. Wait until you hear the Subaru WRX Transmission explosion.

400HP Subaru WRX Transmission Explosion 1

It is an absolute pleasure to take this awesome ride on the street and have a fun time with it. But little did these boys know that they are about to get shocked. They did couple of amazing runs but the transmission simply could have handled them. It simply exploded causing their 2004 Subaru WRX to stop shortly after.

Both of them got out of the car to check what went wrong, and soon realized that it was the transmission. Even though they powered up the car once again and tried to move, there was nothing they could do. There is no further information about what had happened but we can only assume that there was one thing they would logically do, and that is to call for road assistance and get their car towed away.

What do you think, what caused this accident on this Subaru WRX Transmission?